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All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior

All Joy and No Fun

Jennifer Senior

Award-winning journalist Jennifer Senior analyzes the paradox of modern parenthood — how children shape their parents' lives, not the other way around.

Audiobook 12m 22s

Falter by Bill McKibben


Bill McKibben

Has the human game begun to play itself out? Thirty years ago, Bill McKibben offered one of the earliest warnings about climate change. Here, he broadens the warning — the entire human game, he suggests, is endangered. *Falter* examines converging trends: as climate change shrinks the land where humans can live, new technologies like artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, offer new threats to humanity. Moreover, rigid economic and ideological factors continue to keep us from bringing them under control. Drawing on his experience building, the first global movement to combat climate change, McKibben concludes with possible solutions to save the planet and oursleves. We’re at a bleak moment in human history. McKibben believes we’ll either confront that bleakness with action or watch our civilization slip away.

Audiobook 13m 42s

Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D.

Full Catastrophe Living

Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D.

Stress can sap your energy, undermine your health, and even shorten your life. It makes you more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and disease. This classic and groundbreaking work shows you how to use medically proven mind-body approaches derived from meditation and yoga to counteract stress and stimulate well-being.

Audiobook 9m 57s

Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

Sleep Smarter

Shawn Stevenson

Stevenson shares easy tips and tricks to discover the best sleep and best health of your life

Audiobook 11m 23s

Super Human by Dave Asprey

Super Human

Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey's revolutionary approach to anti-aging is based on science-backed methods designed to upgrade human biology and redefine the limits of the mind, body, and spirit.

Audiobook 11m 22s

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman

Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing, Dr. Gary Chapman’s proven approach to "love" as you and your partner want it will help you find deeper and more fulfilling intimacy with your partner - starting immediately.

Audiobook 11m 43s

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