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An Expert Reading List curated by Michael Fertik, the founder and CEO of, Managing Partner at Heroic Ventures, and creator and star of

Total Length: 1hr 7m

Dragnet Nation by Julia Angwin

Dragnet Nation

Julia Angwin

An inside look at who's watching you, what they know and why it matters.

Audiobook 13m 32s

Privacy and Freedom by Alan Westin

Privacy and Freedom

Alan Westin

In defining privacy as “the claim of individuals…to determine for themselves when, how and to what extent information about them is communicated,” Alan Westin’s 1967 classic *Privacy and Freedom* laid the philosophical groundwork for the current debates about technology and personal freedom, and is considered a foundational text in the field of privacy law.

Audiobook 12m 19s

The Assault on Privacy by Arthur R. Miller

The Assault on Privacy

Arthur R. Miller

Originally published in 1971, this is a classic and frightening analysis of the clash between individual privacy and information-gathering technology in the modern age.

Audiobook 13m 5s

The Reputation Economy by Michael Fertik and David C. Thompson

The Reputation Economy

Michael Fertik and David C. Thompson

A brave new world in which everything you say and do is recorded and analyzed in real time is closer than you think. To succeed in what Fertik dubs “the Reputation Economy,” we need to understand how our data is scored and take proactive steps to optimize our digital footprints.

Audiobook 15m 14s

Who Owns the Future? by Jaron Lanier

Who Owns the Future?

Jaron Lanier

It’s time to reckon with a scary reality: The digital platforms we all use and love collect vast amounts of personal information that they can sell or exploit. Too much wealth and power is becoming concentrated among big tech companies — posing a serious threat to our private lives and capitalist economy.

Audiobook 13m 13s

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