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The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman

Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing, Dr. Gary Chapman’s proven approach to "love" as you and your partner want it will help you find deeper and more fulfilling intimacy with your partner - starting immediately.


The Bottom Line

For couples to stay happy over the long haul, they need to determine which “language” they need to speak when giving and receiving love.

I. Introduction

Author, anthropologist and marriage counselor Gary Chapman has some bitter medicine for couples everywhere: The “in-love” feeling that gives you butterflies at the beginning of a relationship is in fact closer to obsession than love. Worse yet, that obsession tends to expire after about two years. But don’t despair: Chapman softens the blow by offering plenty of practical and reassuring advice for achieving lasting intimacy in his mega-selling book.

Chapman, a Southern Baptist pastor and unlikely love guru, explains that after the initial honeymoon period, partners start to look at each differently. The quirks you once overlooked in your partner, or maybe even found endearing, often start to become irritating, even unbearable. It’s important to note this is a two-way street and your partner is likely experiencing the same shift in perspective.

At this point, you and your partner have three choices. You can resign yourselves to an unhappy life together, you can separate and search for a new euphoric round of “in-love” obsession with someone else, or you can make a genuine attempt to transition from love-like obsession to true and lasting love together. For many, the third option is the clear preference — it’s also hard work.

For readers who are ready to put in the effort, Chapman’s book, which has sold more than 12 million copies, offers a guide to committing thoughtful, intentional acts of love that are custom-tailored to build strong, enduring relationships.

II. Figuring Out Your “Love Language”

III. If Your Partner Prefers Affirmation, Offer Compliments and Encouragement

IV. If Your Partner Prefers Quality Time, Give Them Undivided Attention

V. If Your Partner Prefers Receiving Gifts, Hone Your Giving Skills

VI. If Your Partner Prefers Acts of Service, Perform Thoughtful Tasks

VII. If Your Partner Prefers Physical Touch, It’s Not All About Sex

The Takeaway


Download the Athena app to access our expertly crafted "The Five Love Languages" insight in text and audiobook formats.

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