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Selling To VITO

Anthony Parinello

Learn innovative new ideas and street-smart tactics for reaching the very top person in any organization. Based on the seminars that have helped thousands of sales professionals from the likes of Canon, 3M, Hewlett-Packard, and MCI, learn how to get to the right person so you can make the sale.


The Bottom Line

From crafting prospect emails to engaging with key stakeholders, here’s a roadmap for transforming your sales success by taking your pitch straight to the only decision-maker who matters.

I. Introduction

Anthony Parinello opens his book with what might strike you as a very odd question: What kind of flooring do your prospects typically stand on? Is it cheap linoleum, expensive marble tile or somewhere in between? Read on, and you’ll see that he’s using the flooring metaphor to get you to think about where your prospects fall in their companies’ hierarchies. Most salespeople, he says, are stuck in “Linoleumville,” and his book is the escape hatch that’ll get you straight to the top, to the Very Important Top Officer (VITO).

Parinello developed his VITO theory in the trenches: Early in his sales career, he found himself behind his forecast and on probation. To avoid being fired, he knew he needed to make major changes to his sales strategy, and he decided to start with whom he was selling to. Turns out, that was exactly the right starting place.

Once he set his sights on VITOs, his revenues increased dramatically, he exceeded his quota and kept his job. After decades of research and refining his process, Parinello wrote this book to help other salespeople reach for and enjoy the same results. And the results speak for themselves: Salespeople who follow his methods have reported a 54% increase in initial sale size, 120% increase in add-on business, 57% increase in referrals, and a 14% reduction in the need to win back customers.

If you’re ready to do what it takes to sell to VITO, these results are within your grasp.

II. Don’t Be Afraid of Heights

III. The Network of Influence and Authority

IV. The “Perfect” Sales Process

V. Corresponding with VITO

VI. Calling VITO

VII. Putting It All Together

The Takeaway


Download the Athena app to access our expertly crafted "Selling To VITO" insight in text and audiobook formats.

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