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Eat To Beat Disease

William W Li MD

Discover the new science of how eating can enable your body to heal itself from cancer, dementia, and dozens of avoidable diseases.


The Bottom Line

You’ve been told to consume less alcohol and nicotine and exercise more to lower your risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases, but there’s another weapon within reach: your diet.

I. Introduction

While pharmaceutical companies spend billions developing drugs to keep us healthy, Dr. William W. Li argues there’s a more accessible way to battle cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more. His answer is food. Li, a physician who has served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, explains what scientists have known for some time. Your body has several sophisticated systems, which it uses to defend its health — and you can turbo-charge these defense systems by making the right food choices.

In promoting food as a form of medical treatment, Li doesn’t downplay the importance of medicine itself — after all, he is a Harvard-trained scientist and internal medicine specialist. But he does believe that we have radically underestimated our own power to take charge of our health, using food as a critical, natural and readily available tool in the fight against disease.

Many people may already know there’s a connection between health and nutrition — but they may not know how to use this connection to their advantage. And most doctors, Li writes, aren’t equipped to advise them; only 1 in 5 U.S. medical schools require that students take a course on nutrition. He wrote this book to fill that void — providing an easy-to-follow, authoritative guide to supporting your body’s efforts to protect and boost your health.

II. Eating to Fuel Your Body’s Anti-Cancer System

III. Eating for Cell Repair and Regeneration

IV. Eating to Support Health-Giving Bacteria

V. Eating to Protect Your DNA

VI. Eating to Boost Your Immunity

VII. A 5x5x5 Framework for a Disease-Fighting Diet

The Takeaway


Download the Athena app to access our expertly crafted "Eat To Beat Disease" insight in text and audiobook formats.

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