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Paul Hawken

Based on research by leading scientists and policymakers from around the world, Drawdown evaluates one hundred of the most substantive solutions to reverse global warming. Some are well known; while others you may never have heard of...


The Bottom Line

Amid the dire warnings about global warming, leading experts analyze the top 100 solutions to not only stop climate change, but reverse it.

I. Introduction

Climate change is without question one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced — so enormous that many people believe there is no hope of reversing the damage. Unfortunately, feeling hopeless leads to inaction, even paralysis, which starkly reduces the chances that positive change will happen.

Entrepreneur and environmental activist Paul Hawken wasn’t willing to wait for the inevitable, preferring instead to attack this fatalistic thinking head on. Starting in 2013, he began searching for actionable, scalable solutions to the climate crisis. He’s not looking simply to mitigate global warming or reduce carbon emissions, he’s aiming for “drawdown” — the point at which greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reach their peak, reverse course and then begin to drop.

In his quest, Hawken assembled a team of biologists, researchers, economists, policy makers, geologists, and others to “map, measure and model” possible climate-change solutions. The group examined the 100 most substantive strategies that are already being used across the globe. Each solution was evaluated in terms of cost, savings, and reduction of carbon dioxide in gigatons — and then ranked from 1 to 100.

II. Reframe Climate Change as Opportunity

III. Clean Energy as Clear Solution

IV. Educate Girls to Shrink Our Carbon Footprint

V. The Rotten Truth About Food Waste

VI. The No. 1 Solution Hiding in Your Fridge

VII. A Mammoth Solution

The Takeaway


Download the Athena app to access our expertly crafted "Drawdown" insight in text and audiobook formats.

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