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Celiac Disease

Peter H.R. Green and Rory Jones

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, anemia, and/or itchy skin conditions? Have you consulted numerous doctors, and been prescribed drugs and diets that have only temporarily alleviated some symptoms? If so, you may have celiac disease, a hereditary autoimmune condition that affects nearly one in every hundred people—97 percent of whom remain undiagnosed and untreated.


The Bottom Line

Nearly 1 in 100 Americans suffer with celiac disease, and yet 85% of cases remain undiagnosed — making it the most underdiagnosed autoimmune disease in the U.S. A renowned expert offers the definitive guide to navigating through the disease — from identifying and managing symptoms to coping with the psychological impact of living with a chronic condition.

I. Introduction

Have you experienced bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue or headaches in the last three months? Ever been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, eczema or chronic fatigue syndrome. Are you lactose intolerant or anemic or have osteoporosis? These, among a number of other symptoms and associated conditions, are markers of possible celiac disease, a hereditary autoimmune condition triggered by gluten, a group of proteins found in wheat, rye and barley.

In Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic, Peter Green, director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University in New York City, and Rory Jones, a medical writer who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1998, walk readers through every aspect of the condition, including the biology, diagnosis, treatment and management. They also break down common myths surrounding celiac — starting with the good news that bourbon, vodka and scotch are safe to drink (though beer, unfortunately, is not) to the erroneous belief that “a little bit of gluten every now and then will not hurt.” The authors make the complex science behind the disease easy to understandable while updating their findings — first published in 2006 — with ongoing revisions, most recently in 2016.

II. How Celiac Disease Makes You Sick

III. A Challenging Diagnosis

IV. Celiac Disease’s Many Related Conditions

V. How to Treat Celiac Disease

VI. Going Gluten-Free

VII. A Cure for Celiac?

The Takeaway


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